"Nicely done Jim! You knocked out a killer crop of super performances today, and in record time!  I have all the confidence in the world in you and I think your reads and your brand make you a WINNER!  Onward and upward."

Nancy Wolfson,


"Great voice... great attitude!"

Barry Ouellette Ouellette Productions

"Jim's the man! Awesome voice talent & great to work with. Will be hiring him again for future projects."

Jay Heichlinger Exponet USA


"Jim Curtis is a superb DJ who does superb voice imaging for radio commercials or Public Service Announcements. I have listened to him doing so for 12 years in the DC-Baltimore area."

Christopher M. GRAY Foreign Policy Research Institute


"When it comes to a professional-sounding voiceover, you want pipes. Jim Curtis has award-winning pipes."

Don Kelley The Language of Business Podcast


“When you work with a true professional it makes all the difference in the world. Jim was amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.”

Elizabeth Fisher

Director of Production

Blue Sky Films


“Jim,  We love the new commercial, we are so impressed by your "ominous" voice,  You nailed it!  Awesome job!!!!!  I got shivers it is so good.  Thanks a ton. ”

Tom Nelson

Xenon Marketing


“Top quality work, very fast turn around”

Gary Oxley



“This was a simple and quick solution to our professional recording needs. Jim's voice is great and he worked with us in every aspect which was asked of him. “

Thomas Ramirez


“Hey Jim.  "Great job".

Thanks for your help, and again, for your patience.”

Jeff Davis

P6 Media

Tucson, AZ


“You got it! good stuff... looking forward to the rest

The client really likes your voice, so I will have you first on the list in need of VO on these upcoming gigs. Gies Awards was a success. Thanks again!”

Jeremy Pfeiffer


Sick Media


“We have been extremely pleased with your performance and service!”

Jason Gholston

Producer-Humongous Inc.


“Thank you for the quick turnaround on the reads for VistaBank.

They sound very good.  Nice and authoritative."

Rob Barge

Art Director

Catalyst Advertising


Hi Jim,  

“Thanks for being so quick- it sounds great!

That was faster than anyone expected.  Everything came through fine and sounds wonderful.  We look forward to working with you again.”

Mary Levesque

Communications coordinator

Canam USA


“I heard your demo and loved your work!

I heard some of your samples and they were great. You really are an amazing talent..”

Gregory Forest


Woodland Hills, CA


“Hi Jim,

Your voice must fit our network or just suits my ear because I picked you out twice for spots! Just letting you know that I'm considering you for our Station IDs. You read several commercials for us for Celebrating Life in Recovery. I've never had so many comments on a program before - it's a big hit! Thanks for all the work you did ! “

Crystal Dagner

Three Angels Broadcasting Network


“I would hire Jim again.  He was quick for making adjustments, and delivered the talent we needed on a timely basis.”

Tim Johnson – Independent Producer, Los Angeles.